Thursday, July 18, 2013

Leaving Arizona... The Great Defection

I never thought that I would be leaving Arizona, much less to move to Utah, but next Friday it happens! It is hard to say what is the hardest thing about leaving Arizona. Moving itself is a hard task with all the packing and arrangements and the figuring things out "we have two drivers and need to get three cars and a moving truck to Utah..." I can say without pause that the hardest part is going to be being away from our family. Our two sons have grown up ten minutes from Grandmas house. I don't think at age 4 he really understands what moving means, that the 4-5 times a week swimming outings and all afternoon playing with his Uncle Diego will no longer be a regular occurrence. Probably even more hard is leaving my wife's parents. Being an RN my wife worries every day about the health and wellbeing of her "experienced" parents. Through all this we have been comforted knowing that we are doing the right thing. Whatever may happen here (in Arizona) or there (Utah) we know that it is what God wants to happen.

In the brief moments that we are not occupied by thoughts of family and the stress of moving we are haunted knowing that leaving Arizona means leaving FOOD! My wife and I are both Arizona natives (well I am, almost) so naturally over the years we have learned the best places to find good food. These are some I am going to miss.

Waldos BBQ By far my favorite place for ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. They have some of the best smoked meat around that is always tender and juicy. What really gets me at Waldo's is the sauce. It gets you in the back of your mouth and just holds on, lovingly, while you attempt to slow the pace of consumption. I really like their food. Unfortunately over the last couple years the service at Waldo's has suffered and while the food is still quite tasty I have found myself almost avoiding eating there. Still the food is worth the less than stellar service and it keeps me coming back.

Mango's Mexican Cafe We only recently became bug fans of this small well run cafe in downtown Mesa. On our first visit we ordered and took a seat. While eating our food we noticed that the gentleman that took our order was taking great care and attention to the food and guests. We were surprised to hear that he was not the owner but that he "took care of things". The food is among the best Mexican food I have ever had. Their chips and salsa are excellent and there is great flavor in the Carne Asada.

LGO Pizzeria *Their website is down I will update it when it is functional again. The sourdough crust they use in their pizzas is amazing. This is by far the most "foodie" (read pretentious) restaurant that makes my list. The fresh ingredients and interesting flavors makes this a great stop. I always stop next door at "Le Grande Orange Grocery" and get a pack of their english muffins to take home. All in all a great place to get some food.

Those are the three that make the short list. I should add, Romney Fideo soup, my Dads steak sammies and my Mom's lasagna that is what I will really miss the most. Goodbye, for now, Arizona.

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