Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Menu freedom - I want a different coin

Controlling Menu Boards is just a symptom of a much larger problem

For some reason there is this idea that forcing anything on a person is a good idea.

Don't want health insurance? -I don't give a crap, you get it or the IRS is gonna bitch slap you with a fine.

Want an AR-15 because you like shooting sports or maybe you are just a good-ol-boy and going out and putting holes in cans is your idea of a good weekend? Tough beans dough head *BANNED* (in California anyway)

Don't give a crap about if your food is healthy - or maybe you just want a double cheeseburger? Guess what the same people that want to force people to have health insurance want to force restaurants to put "nutritional information" on menu boards.

Now - don't get me wrong this doesn't rise to the level of many other egregious over-reaches of governmental power - as a whole the "Affordable Care Act" is whore-ably worse.

The point is this; the government, and many (if not all) of the institutions that prop up it's power (Left and Right alike), well, they think you're stupid. 'We have to tell you to get insurance, because you are too stud to know that yourself.' 'We have to tell you what plants are ok to grow and use as medicine, because you are too stupid to know that yourself.' Want to retire eventually? Yup you are too much of a dolt to figure that out as well so we will just force you into saving by "investing" in an ill conceived pyramid scheme.

Now a Conservative may be thinking "Yeah the Left is just like that!" but a Liberal is also thinking "Yeah those Right wing wackos are just like that!"

What everyone needs to come to grips with is that Democrats and Republicans are not different sides of the same coin, they are in fact on the same side of the coin; they just lay claim to different sections, like a piece of totalitarian pie. And just like left over Thanksgiving pie, we either accept that it is bad for us and toss it in the trash or we slowly eat it one piece at a time until it all gone. Republicans want to control what plants you can use and how you can use them. Democrats want to control what you can sell and how you can sell it. They both want to control the "masses" they just disagree on what to control. The other side of that coin would be a refreshing change. But the other side would be parties and power centers looking out for what is best for those they represent, not attempting to prop up their own power.

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