Friday, March 18, 2016

North Korea Launches Bombs, Testing new Designs Built for U.S. Contract!

How Trump will negotiate with North Korea, Trump's pinky promise, Navy Base in North Korea supporting North Korean Missile program

President Trump today confirmed that the $200 billion deal he negotiated with North Korea had produced and tested it's first successful missile. The deal which was personally negotiated between President Trump and Jr. Under Secretary of Defense Contracts (a sub department to their Department of Anti-American Warfare it-self a sub department of the larger Department of warfare) where he gave U.S. plans of several current generation ballistic missiles in exchange for a North Korean pinky promise to stop hating the U.S. so much.

The highly criticized deal was the result of President Trump's promise to "negotiate" peace with North Korea. The deal included several U.S. military contracts being given to North Korean arms manufacturers (all wholly owned by the North Korean Government) in which the U.S. would purchase over $200 billion in ballistic missiles, cease maritime drills with South Korea and give Korean President unrestricted access to a bedroom suite in the Trump House (the former White House) in exchange for allowing the U.S. to build a Navy base that will house North Korean ships and be entirely staffed by N. Korean personnel as well as a "verbal" agreement to "reduce anti-American propaganda campaigns."

That is what Trump "negotiating" with countries like Iran and North Korea looks like.

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