Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to Actually Beat Trump.

Bullies almost always are.

What's worse is that no one in any campaign has been able to figure that out. Apparently none of them have dealt with a bully before - or they are bullies themselves and don't know how that works - either way the strategy to address the big haired buffoon needs to change or he will sail straight into the Trump House (because you know he will rename it as soon as he moves in).


Funny thing about that picture? It was created in 2008 - Prophetic? Maybe. Fierce? Definitely.

What are his opponents saying? Ridiculous things like Kasich saying he will "not take the low road to the highest office in the land." Idiot. What about Clinton saying he had laid out a "really dangerous path" - Stupid.

What can be done? If anyone is going to stop Trump (including Clinton) they need to use their one true instinct - fight or flight - and stick to it. Either way they disable the Bully.

Stop talking about him, refuse to talk about him, remove him from the equation. Just like all bullies he will get frustrated and reckless and you can strike when he does. Just like in the school yard - if you run away eventually the bully will get frustrated and corner you in a crowded hallway, with a teacher close by.

Kasich - anytime for the foreseeable future when you are asked about Trump dismiss the question with a slight shake of your head wave your hand a little and say "he is irrelevant" and say something like "I think the Presidential pet will be guinea pigs. I really like cavies - especially the cute little long hair ones." - See what I did there? Now instead of people thinking you are afraid of Trump they relate Trump with guinea pigs. You might even think about hiring a comedian to help with some new lines.

Clinton - Same as above only tailor it to his anti-feminist views by saying something like "he probably thinks my only place is in the kitchen, I wonder how he will like my Whoopass cake?"

There will be times in the election when you will be cornered and won't have an option. Let me be clear, getting pummeled is not an option. You have to follow the guideline "if they bring a knife I bring a gun." A Presidential debate is not a regulated sport like MMA or Professional Boxing. It's a street fight. Throwing sand in his eyes, punching the groin, pulling hair; it's all fair. If he makes a misstep you need to destroy him. If he throws a job you side step and Judo chop him in the throat.

You both need to take every opportunity you can to belittle and marginalize him. Make it clear that there is one candidate and one clown. Start the debate by saying thank you to the host and add "and as always I am grateful to be able to share the stage the Trumps hair - what a magnificent mane of golden locks." Then call him out. When a tough question is asked and Trump gives a B.S. answer yield your time by saying "[moderator] I would like to yield my time to Mr. Trump to more directly answer your question - he said he would negotiate with North Korea on nuclear arms despite a total unwillingness by that government to do so. I would like to hear how he would make that happen" or " more directly answer your question - he said he can get Mexico to pay to build a fence on the US Mexico border I would like to hear how he would accomplish that." - then take a half step back from the podium look over and hold your open hand towards Trump. Cut him off instantly if he strays.

Remember: "You say it best, when you say nothing at all." His shear buffoonery will defeat itself.

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