Monday, April 25, 2016

"Affluenza" Teen a happy update

Get up to speed by ready a CNN write up on the case.

I touched on this subject a couple weeks ago in my post on how removing personal responsibility is ruining America. The Texas judicial system has given us a beacon of hope by putting the Affluenza idiot behind bars for 720 days. When he gets out after that he will have to serve the remainder of his original parole - which he will hopefully violate and be put back in prison where he belongs.

Let's be clear - we are talking about a person that killed four people and seriously injured another. There is no rational system of justice that would have let this person go free.

I have a persisting question though, if AF Teen is not responsible for his crimes (murder) then who is? Several states have laws holding bar tenders accountable for knowingly over-serving patrons who then drive drunk and litigation against bars is common. AF Teen's defense team made the case that he was not responsible basically because his parents had coddled him to the point that he didn't understand personal responsibility, that he had a total disconnect between his actions and their consequences.

So my question is - why then were his parents not held accountable? There was a slew of lawsuits filed against his parents and their company (who owned the car he was driving) - but that is what insurance is for. There was no real action taken against the parents for what amounted to baby-ing their son into a total absence of responsibility.

For example lets say someone commits a murder but a related party is accused. In the trial of the accused they are found not guilty because of compelling testimony by the person that actually committed the crime, going into detail about the person's innocence because of their own guilt. What would basically every competent prosecutor do next? Arrest the person that confessed to the crime.

So my final question: if AF Teen's parents where responsible for his total lack of personal responsibility why was the responsibility for his actions not then placed on the parents?

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