Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"False Song of Globalism" - Goldie Locks is at it again

Herr Trump has some great new comments and as per usual he gets it about half right.

Goldie Locks (Trump) had a great speech today. He expertly displayed his total ignorance on the global dynamic all while making crazy sweeping claims. 

Let's hit some highlights.

He was highly critical of NAFTA. Ok - probably far from an ideal agreement but it made, in general, good steps. Goldie however says that it meant U.S. jobs were shipped south of the border - and he is probably right. NAFTA essentially opened the Mexico/U.S./Canadian border to trade. With very few exceptions, goods passing through those borders do so without tariff or other trade fees common in cross border trade. That means that goods produced in those countries flow freely and quickly compared to goods produced in most other countries, China for example pays tariffs on things like tires as they enter the U.S. However the border remains closed to labor trade. So if the "goods" you have to trade is your time in the form of labor NAFTA doesn't apply to you. The extension of that is low wage employees are not able to easily enter the U.S., those jobs are then relocated to other countries. The catch is that many desirable well-paying jobs go with them. Factory managers and supervisors, automation and process improvement specialists, supply chain management professionals, accounting professionals all go with the factory that is moving for inexpensive line workers. Conclusion? Opening the border to labor would bring jobs back to the U.S. The U.S. has a much more desirable political environment (compared to Mexico) however the lower cost labor has outweighed those factors - so jobs stay in Mexico.

Another highlight of Goldie Locks' off-gassing was "ISIS will be gone if I am president. They will be gone quickly...”

Umm.... Didn't you just regal us with your thoughts of U.S. over-globalization? How do you intend to neutralize ISIS while scaling back the U.S. global presence? Just like goldie locks when she was caught in the little bear's bed had nothing to say and just hid Goldie Locks did the same thing. No explanation on how he would eradicate ISIS or even what "quickly" meant - you just better believe that it is going to happen. 

He continues to amaze me with his ability to easily win over voters almost everywhere he visits. He almost totally lacks substance in everything he says. He offers nothing but rhetoric and will ultimately give nothing but conjecture. 

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