Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Trump will build a border fence should be obscene, not brushed under the rug.

The person that Republicans want to be the next leader of the "Free World" wants to hold an entire country hostage, just to build a fence.

I can't believe the reaction and response that came from Goldie Locks recent comments about how he would coerce Mexico into funding a border fence. There are numerous problems with what he claims he would do, least of which is the fact that there would be little to no legal way of actually cutting off the flow of currency into Mexico. 

Let's start with trade impacts. Rest assured that if money was stopped at the border agricultural products would be as well. Do you like that tomato on your sandwich? 100% - A Mexican response to those actions would be an instant stoppage of all shipping of all good out of Mexico - at minimum it would include a dramatic increase in tariffs. Oh also - has he not heard of NAFTA? It's nothing major, don't bother learning about it Herr Goldie Locks didn't.

What about banking impacts? Goldie's comments seemed to indicate that he was targeting money that emigrants were attempting to send home to their families. Not being an expert on cross border money movement I can only guess that doing that would be incredibly difficult. From what I do know bank will aggregate sometimes thousands of smaller transfers into a single larger transfer to reduce time and costs. Doing what he postulates would mean forcing banks to individually identify the source and destination of each transfer, then analyze the intent and purpose of the funds. Who would pay for that? US consumers, through higher card processing fees and other charges. 

Legal? Not only is what he saying most likely against several provisions of NAFTA, the only real way he could sequester an individual's funds is if they were the subject of legal proceedings. That he could get around through some provisions of the Patriot Act, but that would mean basically classifying all person to person transfers across the US-Mexico border as being linked to terrorism. Sounds like a stretch to me.

But let's get down to the real problem, the problem that really brings out Goldie's true colors. The fact that cutting off this supply of money is in a very real way cutting off money that many, many families living south of the U.S. border depend on. And not just to buy a new pair of Nike's but to buy food. Goldie has no problem sentencing people in numerous countries countries to slow starvation just for the sake of rhetoric, simply because he is a blow hard buffoon. 

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